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About Us

Quatrofolio Architects seeks seamlessly to integrate landscape, architecture and interiors in a holistic outlook and overall spatial approach.

The founder of the firm is a professional team of architects with more than fifteen years of progressive and responsible experience, placing the highest value in collaborating with the needs and expectations of the client to create quality environments and spaces, bringing a variety of experiences and creativity to each project.

The purpose of our work is to generate engagement with the spaces we design. Every space is the result of a specific interaction between the earth, the light, the water and the architectural expression. We build places that encourage realization of the connection between the visitor and the context. We seek to foster greater consciousness of each place as itself and create access to its evolving functions and forms.

By acknowledging both intrinsic social behaviors and ecological progressions, we ensure a quality of life and an environment sustainable for the future. Our aim is to reveal these non-statistic forces through design, and, rather than work against them, expressing through clarity in construction details, and elemental architectural expression, to celebrate them as beautiful inherent events which shape each place – and the world – uniquely.

The Founders

Viviane I Saade

Architect - Managing Director

Haytham Asmar

Architect- Managing Partner